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Why Disney Cruises are the best

Ok, so today I thought I would write a little bit about the Disney Cruise Line. So many of us go to Disney each year and so many of us go on cruises, but often when I speak to people they say they would never have considered a Disney cruise. Below are my top reasons to go on a Disney cruise and why it stands out from the rest!

1. Adults only

I have put this first because whenever you mention Disney people think of kids, and lots of them! What they don't realise is that practically half the ship is adults only! This is one of the top reasons to pick a Disney cruise. Most people that go on a Disney cruise have children often avoiding the adults only area. My husband and I were so shocked when we realised that we could choose from 100 empty sun loungers in the adults section of the ship. Usually getting a sun lounger with any space on a cruise ship is a miracle! But not on a Disney cruise. There is an adults only pool, jacuzzi, clubs and much more. Whilst these places exist on normal cruise lines they are often over subscribed. But as mentioned, this is not the case on a Disney cruise as most people travel with children.

But don't worry if you do have children you can always leave them in the children's clubs whilst you hang out and get some peace in a child free zone!

Chilling at the adults pool

2. Senses Spa

The onboard spa is just incredible. Only a limited number of Spa passes are sold for each sail, resulting in the Spa experience you deserve. Plenty of evenings we have spent in a jacuzzi overhanging the ship whilst watching the sun go down, with not another person in sight.

The heated mosaic beds are just what you need after a long day of activities or even a long day of sun lounging! My husband (not a spa person AT ALL), could not be pulled away from them.

One of my faaaavoutite parts is the Rainforest spa showers. 🚿 There's something magical about trying out fancy tropical showers overlooking the sea, surrounded by awesome spa scents.

TOP TIP: As soon as you board the ship head straight for the Senses Spa, they often sell couple's passes for the entire cruise at a great price, they do sell out quickly so make sure you hurry! (You can also try booking them in advance through your cruise log in online).

3. Restaurants and Servers (or waiters for those in the UK) that follow you to each restaurant.

This was a big deal for me. I believe Disney was one of the first cruise lines to introduce rotational dining. Each night you will be allocated a different restaurant to experience. Every restaurant has its own incredible theme that you will never forget! My personal favourite is Animators Palate where you're very own pictures are brought to life right at your table. And who can forget a private visit from Crush who will swim right up to you!

As you travel to a different restaurant each night, so does your server. This means no repeating allergies, likes and dislikes! They already know! You also get to build a great rapport for an unforgettable experience and service.

4. The Shows

The shows on a Disney Cruise are second to none. I have yet to see a show at the west end that tops any show I have seen on a Disney Cruise. The theatres are stunning and the effects are out of the world! Because the shows are kept to under an hour, you feel like you've had a full west end experience without using up too much of your cruising time!

Plus, who wouldn't be excited to see Tinker Bell fly above them in the middle of the ocean!

5. Pirate Night

As the first and one of the only cruise lines to do fireworks at sea, the pirate party is filled with so much fun and excitement. On the day of the cruise, Mousekeeping leave the perfect present. A pirates bandana and eye patch, so that you can join in the fun.

The evenings show is set outside under the stars and without giving anything away – it's not to be missed!

Make sure that you bring along your pirates costume to really get involved in the action.

6. Castaway Cay – Disney's own private island

I know right! Disney has its own island! And when you see it you will think that you've stepped right into a movie. The sands are pure white, the sea is crystal clear and the island breeze transports you to pure paradise. There are port adventures available to explore the island, rentals for bikes, floats and snorkelling. And if that's not enough, Senses Spa provides massages right on the beach!

Lunch is provided at Cookies, the island's restaurant, putting on a BBQ fit for royalty (well there are many princes and princess amongst us right!?).

The whole experience is lived knowing that only Disney Cruise line guests can ever step foot on that island. It truly is an exclusive, once in a life time experience (unless your like us and can't get enough, maybe it's 50 times in a life time).

I apologise for my Pokémon addiction! Castaway Cay really does have everything! Including poké stops! 😂

7. Fish Extenders 🐠

This is so much fun! A gift exchange onboard which means surprise presents everyday! If you book your cruise with enough time to spare make sure you check Facebook and online forums to see if a group has been set up. Search by your cruise sale date and ship and you should find a group (if not create your own and people will be sure to join!).

From there you will often find a seasoned Disney cruiser will volunteer to set up a fish extenders group. You will need to provide your names, stateroom number, state whether you are celebrating anything and say your favourite character. You will then be placed in a group of around 10 staterooms. The aim of the game is for you to buy little presents for each of those rooms and in turn they will buy secret presents for you! All you do then is create or buy a fish extender, which is basically a little bag or post box for people to leave gifts in!

It's so exciting to come back to your stateroom to cute little gifts. Some people even bring 'pixie dust gifts' they may not be in your fish extender group at all but they will 'pixie dust' your room with gifts! Why not return the favour and bring along some little extra gifts to give out yourself!


There are so many reasons to embark on a Disney Cruise and the reasons above don't even scratch the surface. The customer service is impeccable, port trips are amazing and the general atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed.

As an avid Disney fan I have to say that sometimes I can't even choose what I enjoy more, a Disney World trip or a Disney Cruise. For those that know me, that's a bold statement to make!

Treat yourself to a Disney cruise on the high seas, I promise you won't regret it!

TOP TIP: Book a Halloween cruise for even more events and surprises!

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  1. Shhhhhh – don’t tell rob but it does sound amazing ! I love the concept of the rotational dining and ur server with u


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